Who are Eddy and Alessia?

Eddy and Alessia

Digital nomads are people who love to stay on the road and earn their income through the internet. They have a checkered travel itinerary, and they travel across places as they never like to settle in a single location. Such people make use of mobile phones, laptops etc to carry on their work in different locations. Alessia and Eddy is a digital nomadic couple who have dared to get off the beaten track.

They travel the world, and also document and record all their experiences. They have opened up a website where they post articles about the various countries that they visit, the local cuisine of the place, their experiences and the top activities in the different cities of their destinations.

The couple of digital nomad couple

Eddy and Alessia have always dreamed of traveling, and wished to realize the same some day – like any other digital nomad couple around the world. Unlike most such couples, however, this one left their mundane and sedentary life for a life that is adventurous and can even be regarded by some as daring. The two are a nomadic couple in the real sense of the term. You can see their website there.

Eddy is from France and worked as a creative CEO. Entrepreneurship is his major passion, and holds imagination as his strength. He loves to find out about new cultures, indulge in adventures and meet people who are interesting and shares his mindset about launching aspirational projects. Alessia is from Italy and has a true nomadic spirit. She always likes to know about new things that come across in her daily life. She is a journalist, translator and freelance writer – and she likes all these work. She also loves traveling, Balkans, melting pot, knowing about different cultures, arts and creativity. Alessia finds meaning in life through discoveries about new stuffs, people and places.

The two met each other in 2017 in Split, steered by fortune. A couple of weeks later, Alessia left Italy and shifted to Toulouse in Southern France to have a new life with Eddy. Since that time, the two have been inseparable from each other. Every day, they are growing as individuals and as a couple and motivating each other to become better.

Why Did They Opt For this Life?

Eddy and Alessia, like most other digital nomad couples, wished to get out of their daily home and office routine. The time that they spent out of their sedentary existence helped them overlook the challenges and risk of a nomadic lifestyle and look at the pluses that it offered. They felt encouraged to leave their humdrum existence and move on to a new lifestyle with no fixed routine. The two opened up their website ‘Digital Nomad Couple’ to share their journey and experiences with other nomads, travelers and more. They wanted to explore all the aspects of every city during their trips. The biggest challenge that they encountered was to interview strangers and encourage them to talk about their own lives as well as other important topics of their respective nations. Their website is about being positive, fun and lots of inspiration.

One can follow their website to have a better understanding of life as a digital nomad couple, enrich themselves about various cultures and be able to find out about new nations such as Greece and how it is like to live there.

What is their Website About?

The couple’s website ‘Digital Nomad Couple’ has the tagline – Jump Into Life. And that is exactly the site is all about. It is a reflection of the kind of existence that the two believe in, not just passing by and pulling on, but jumping into the thick of things and making the most of each and every day that life has on offer. As Alessia and Eddy state, they could have opted to stay in their respective jobs and made more progress with their career. But that is not something that they wanted. Without traveling, they could not have found each other. And the more they travel together, the more they find out about the world and its people, and grow individually as well as together.

The two travel to the destinations of their choice, and write down about their experiences as well as other stuffs on their website to assist others – digital nomads as well as normal travelers – when they travel to those places. To this day, the two have recorded their travel experiences of Greece and Athens. They post information about the local spots that are worth visiting, the things that travelers can do in Greece etc. Basically, all the information that can help travelers to Greece is posted on the website.

The two have left their sedentary existence to be able to explore the globe. For anyone who loves traveling, the website of this digital nomad couple can be very useful. It can be especially inspiring for other nomads – single or couples – who are looking for motivation. They can follow the stories, posts, articles and interviews of Alessia and Eddy to know about their travel experiences and get a more open perspective about the world. Readers can find out about places around the world, such as Athens and Morocco, and various aspects of such countries across the globe, how safe they are, the best neighborhoods to stay in, local things to do there, the best restaurants to try, the supermarkets worth buying from and many more. Basically, Eddy and Alessia offer an in-depth glimpse to readers into each and every country that they visit, and the articles that they post can be helpful for travelers to these places in the future.

The couple also invites others to work with them and grow by collaboration. This creative digital nomad couple can work as models, photographers and content creators for any lifestyle brand, fashion label or hotel. Their work goes further than exposure on their blog or Instagram feed.

  • Content Writer – Alessia can be a ghostwriter for services, products or brand of clients. She uses proper keywords generated through reversed engineered algorithms of search engines, and with the help of robust SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Text Guru, after getting a proper understanding of the lexical field of clients’ business topic.
  • Business Promotion – The two can help clients know how to present and sell a product / service in such a way that can attract the attention of the community. With social posts, blogs and articles, Alessia and Eddy can push the brand offerings of clients in a creative way to their traveler community and ensure higher sales and revenues.
  • Photography – The two can work as photographer as well as model, and offer fantastic original photos for the products or services that clients need to push to target audiences. Clients and businesses can get completely authentic photos and videos that can allow customers to identify with themselves. All the videos and photos are shot by a professional videographer / photographer or by a drone or tripod, as needed.

The two are also on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that offer a glimpse into the life, activities and passion of the couple. Their Instagram profile has Eddy describing himself as a mobile / web developer from France and Alessia introducing herself as a translator / content writer from Italy.

How Do Eddy and Alessia Inspire Digital Nomads?

This European couple might not be a pioneer of the digital nomad lifestyle, but definitely a trendsetter – showing the world how even successful corporate professionals can give up their traditional existence in favor of the adventurous, unknown and highly challenging life on the roads. They show other couples that a 9-to-5 existence and security of home country is not all that is there to life. At a time when corporate sector employees think over and over again before going for a job change, here are these two – hopping from place to place – balancing work and travel smoothly to live the life of their dreams. Through their website, they are also encouraging others to dream big and be as fearless as them when it comes to hitting the road with all its uncertainties and challenges.

The two give new relationship goals to couples the world over, and show that it does not take much to travel and work and live the ‘perfect life’ as dreamed by many couples. All that it needs is a little bit of planning, forethought, preparations and of course, someone as loving as the two have found in each other. Despite their differences, the couple makes proper plans together to visit different places and write about them for the benefit of travelers and other digital nomads. They also like to travel slow, and are in no hurry to see new places. Eddy and Alessia believe in settling down in a particular destination for sometime and thoroughly exploring it before shifting base. This helps them to get an in-depth view of the places of their visit, something that is impossible with short sojourns.